He also took a moment to thank Kelsey as a great friend and member of the Ottawa scene. “Crucible” wrapped up the set showcasing the very same Kelsey adorned in a wolf’s mask and gloves looking like claws. Certainly, it provided a great visual as Kelsey slunk around the stage in the mask. Lycanthro shouldn’t need much of an introduction as they have been spoken about before through Ottawa trips to concert gigs.

Their brand of heavy metal is very much rooted in the traditional style, but with a modern production. I must say that a lot of the vocal melodies keep reminding me of Dave Overkill of Cleveland’s Destructor. Lycanthro do not share the thrash style but, damn, I keep thinking of Destructor every single time. James Delbridge has a more melodic style, but the similarities are sometimes striking. The album features various lyrical content that fans will appreciate exploring through its different dimensions. Some of the tracks are homages to different stories in pop culture and media, others are meant to bring the listener on a journey through the worlds of each song, or simply meant to be marvel as epic metal we trust. Mostly a classic thrashy hard rock with a black metal vocal and attitude.

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Didn’t set aside enough time for High n’ Heavy, Heavy Sentence, Riexhumation and Alastor reviews this week, maybe this weekend but they are coming this weekend after the Best of May 2021 is done, some will be included. The final tour had to be cut short, and remaining tour dates were cancelled, as Ronnie’s health was starting to decline. Ronnie James Dio passed away from the disease in 2010, silencing one of the greatest and most recognizable voices in music history. He left behind a wonderful cache of some of the best rock music ever written, including this album, Heaven & Hell. Before Foreigner, the British guitarist Mick Jones had been a journeyman for a long, long time. As a teenager in the early ’60s, Jones had been a member of an instrumental rock ‘n’ roll band called Nero And The Gladiators.

2 .”Fallen Angels Prayer” – This song is the epic of the album. Lyrically it tells the story of the “Hunchback of Notre Dame” and Quasimodo’s sympathy towards the gypsy’s for being oppressed in the story, as well as his love for Esmerelda. I would akin this song to kind of our take on a Kamelot style song with lots of diverse instruments such as Piano, Flute, Violin, and a full-on choir!

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Razor is a Canadian speed metal band formed in 1983 at Guelph, Ontario. They are recognized as the pioneers of Canadian thrash metal and has been referred to as one of the country’s “big four”, alongside Sacrifice, Voivod and Annihilator. Under their belt are eight studio albums and another one will arrive in 2020, along with the performance at MetalDays as well. After the intro track “This Rotting Sphere” kick things off we jump straight into some good old fashioned thrash metal in “The Blight”, the first single from the album that really has all the elements of Heathen wrapped into one cocoon. Classic metal, big harmonies and that old school Bay Area sound that fans have come to know, things are off to a good start. Another former Massacre member, Rick Ross provides three guest solos, and Cannibal Corpse’s Paul Mazzurkiewicz supplied some lyrics/vocal patterns.

  • Another successful year for the unstopptable Donald Glover – rapper, actor, comedian, writer and producer.
  • It’s certainly not a unique approach, but it’s very well-executed with some quality songs that fans of melodic rock can appreciate.
  • Excited for the first-ever Battle Beast Canadian headline set we took off early and for a leisurely drive from Toronto to Ottawa.
  • For the track “Fallen Angels Prayer”, the band brought in a professional chamber choir to add to its epicness.
  • “Crucible” is the first glimpse at an enthralling and diverse listening experience boasting something for everyone in terms of melodic metal.
  • Now, more than two decades in, the remaining members enter a new era on Baptize.

Lycanthro is a Heavy Power metal band hailing from the capital of the great white north Ottawa Ontario. Etsy shop with the same name, @zombiekrafts offers a spooky twist to practicality. We can just go ahead and label Christina Louise Dyer “The Queen of Fine Details” because there’s really no competition. Her account showcases all the wonderfully dark little elements that comprise her “tomb,” from skull-shaped salt grinders to a ghost-themed laundry bag. Curated in the simplistic but elegant style of a true Instagram influencer, this page is the perfect follow for anyone who likes to get inspiration in small doses.

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Malevolent Creation is an American death metal band formed in Buffalo, New York in 1987. The band’s original members were vocalist Brett Hoffmann, guitarists Phil Fasciana and Jeff Juskiewicz, bassist Jason Blachowicz, and drummer Mark Simpson. Phil Fasciana was the only founding member who stayed with the band consistently. The band moved to Florida a year after it formed, and they became a part of the emergent local death metal scene, landing a deal with Roadrunner Records and helping to develop the “Florida Death Metal” sound.

lycanthro band

The pack is indeed still hungry and “Damned” is their strongest record yet, filled with steamroller hardcore riffs, haunting melodies, powerful d-beat and Micke’s howling roars. Power/thrash metal act Lycanthro has a new album coming out this year and in true power metal fashion has an epic sweeping ballad out now to share with fans. The single comes with a lyric/ vocal playthrough video so listeners can sing and play along. Luckily, the sudden bit of downtime has allowed the band to work on their first full-length album Mark Of The Wolf which is slated for release later this year. And, because I’m already well into the horse and apocalypse metaphors in this review so far, I’ll stick with the long-overdue review of the band’s EP Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse from 2018. Power/thrash metal actLycanthro has a new album coming out this year and in true power metal fashion has an epic sweeping ballad out now to share with fans. Musically, Lycanthro offer a mix of crunchy, striking heavy metal that shreds with the best of them, while throwing in more approachable melodic moments. Opener “Conquest” has a bit of a grandiose, epic vibe and that song just punches through the speakers and grabs you by the throat.

I have never heard such a perfect blend of aggressive as hell D-Beat with Metal before in my life. But instead of listening to me go on and on about how amazing Wolfpack is, just listen for yourself. The title track follows and is a real melodic foot stomper, showing some versatility that Heathen are also known for. It wraps up quickly by putting the foot to the floor before heading to the grooving “Dead And Gone”, bouncing real nicely before ending with another killer outro. The production here is thick and in your face, how it should sound with all elements crystal clear and giving the songs some real heaviness to it all.

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